The New
Voice Tarot

By Rosario Salerno

A contemporary Tarot deck, fashion-inspired, colourful, inclusive, queer-friendly, positive-minded.

New Choice

Tarot de Marseille

By Rosario Salerno

A new deck that faithfully follows the ‘Tarot de Marseille’ style. This set of 78 cards, measuring 120 x 70 mm and with gold edging, is designed by Rosario Salerno. Each boxed set contains a deck-sized 50-page book, including each of the cards meanings.

Classical Middle Age flair with modern symbolism

LGBTQ+ Party scene Fashion inspired

Elegant and distinctive Minor Arcana

Hand drawn and painted artwork


Rosario Salerno

Hello! My name is Rosario and I am an Italian visual artist and teacher, mainly dealing with drawing, comics and sculpture. I live and work between Berlin and Italy, two places that have deeply inspired this project.

As an artist, I’ve always been spiritually minded and interested in functional artwork. Tarot is a set of playing cards – the origin of which has not yet been demonstrated with a definitive certainty.

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New Choice Tarot

If you love the Tarot de Marseille decks but always wished for them to have a contemporary and fun feel, this is the opportunity to get a totally innovative new version!